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The drinking age has also been uniformly raised to 21 years, while it was 18 in several states prior to the s.

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Some states even treat DUI as a felony under certain circumstances such as the presence of a very high blood alcohol content BAC , the severity of the accident caused by the drunk driver, or in cases where the driver is a repeat offender. Due to this reason, the detection and successful prosecution of drivers impaired by prescription medication or illegal drugs is difficult.

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Besides performing a chemical test blood, urine, or breath analysis in order to determine the BAC of the offender, a law enforcing officer may also administer a Field Sobriety Test FST on a suspect driver. As mentioned in the introduction, there are a number of DUI programs in the United States that seek to control the menace of drunk driving through education, counseling and treatment of the offenders. It has also introduced an effective DUI Program, which is governed by legislation enacted in The State has a system in place that determines the need for DUI program services, licenses DUI programs, establishes regulations, approves participant fees and fee schedules, and provides DUI information.

A person convicted of a first DUI offense are required to complete a state-licensed three-month, hour alcohol and drug education and counseling program. Drivers detected with a blood alcohol content of 0. Such programs provide 52 hours of group counseling; 12 hours of alcohol and drug education; 6 hours of community reentry monitoring; and biweekly individual interviews during the first 12 months of the program.

A county in California may elect to provide month DUI programs for third and subsequent DUI offenders, which provide longer periods of counselling, education, and community service, i.

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  • They have caused DUI arrests and alcohol-related fatalities to decline steadily in the last two decades when it was introduced. This is because ACA believes that the root cause of the drunk driving problem is alcohol abuse and alcoholism and unless we address the root problem of alcoholism, we will not be able to solve the problem of drunk driving. Drug Court Programs have been found to be highly successful in rehabilitating repeat and hardcore DUI offenders. Armonk, NY: M.

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    Nunnallee, Karolyn. Reinarman, Craig. Ross, H. Mayhew and Claude Dussault eds. Voas, Robert B. Jean Wilson and Robert E. Mann eds. Drinking and Driving: Advances in Research and Prevention. Drunk Driving. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Driving is a special privilege and skill, which includes paying attention to detail at all times, for the sake of your life and others.

    Most car accidents, with and without injuries are because John Henry, a USA champion credited for outdoing a steam hammer in a race only to die later, has dominated many stories, songs, novels and plays. Henry was also a legendary illustration of s US worker population.

    Contemporary illustrations portray Henry as hitting rail barbs; earlier versions show him when having been born with his Traffic laws are designed to protect you and other drivers on the road. If we do not follow them we are not only putting ourselves at risk but also innocent bystanders and drivers. By knowing the rules of the road, practicing good driving skills and generally taking care as a road user, you help play Driving age Turning the age of fifteen is a huge step in the life of a teen. But are fifteen year olds ready for this task. Driving a car is a task that should only be If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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    Not Finding What You Need? Search for essay samples now. Copying content is not allowed on this website Ask a professional writer to help you with your text Ask Writer For Help or. Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need Send Me Sample By clicking Send Me Sample you agree on the terms and conditions. We'll not send you spam or irrelevant messages. Please indicate where to send you the sample or. What usually happens is the brain takes more time to execute on some cognitive functions that require lightning fast responses.

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    Information is therefore processed slower when you are drunk as opposed to when you are sober. In addition to this, alcohol consumption also leads to blurred and double vision. Driving when you are not seeing properly is nothing short of an accident waiting to happen. A drunk person is also overconfident which is the main reason that drunk people characteristically take unnecessary risks.

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    Research shows that younger people are at greater risk than older people. This is because older people have probably been drinking for years and have a great alcohol tolerance unlike the younger ones who are probably just starting out.

    But there is also the issue of underage drinking and driving. It raises the question of how the underage alcohol abusers access the alcohol to begin with. While some use fake ids to buy drinks, others easily access alcohol at home.

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    Still, there are some unscrupulous businessmen who turn the other way and allow underage clients to purchase alcoholic drinks from them. The use of breathalyzers, introduction of government sponsored campaigns, and punitive measures should be used to try to curb drunk driving. Such steps will reduce the wanton loss of life and property due to the numerous accidents that have been attributed to driving while drunk. Take advantage of our easy to order service today. We have made ordering as simple as it can be.