Compare and contrast judaism christianity and islam essay

The five pillars include belief, five daily prayers, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, alms, and pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The first pillar, belief, requires every Muslim to believe that Allah Arabic word for God is the only God and that Muhammad was his last messenger. The second pillar, five daily prayers, obliges Muslims to pray five times each day. The five prayer times are early morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening and night.

The fasting allows Muslims to save food to donate to the poor and experience the hunger that a person in poverty…. Islam is a peaceful religion with many aspects to explore. The religion is surrounded by myths from the unknown.

Following our journey of myths we will explore the tools of knowledge, the sacred texts of Islam, symbols, and practices. Once an understanding of Islam is established we will explore the historical foundation of Islam and the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity. There are many myths surrounding the Islamic religion. As with anything that people do not know or understand, there is going to be misconceptions and myths in regards to beliefs and practices. There are several myths that relate to Muslims and violence, Muslims and their relationship with other religions and their beliefs and practices.

Since September 11, , many Americans have the misconception that Muslims are violent terrorist. The Islamic faith promotes peace. There are some people that have misinterpreted the teaching of Islam. Another myth that goes hand and hand with the terrorist myth is most Muslims are Arabs. To the Muslim community jihad is the ability to practice religion in light of oppression and persecution. The purpose of this of this paper is to both compare the lives of both Jesus and Muhammad.

A contract of historical religious figures will also be done. One will find that their lives, deaths, histories, and teachings are surprisingly similar, yet contrasted by major differences. How these figures helped to shape modern Christianity and Islam in addition to how these religions are carried out today will be explored. Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary of Galilee. There are traces in the Bible that point to Jesus being a direct descendent of Abraham. As there was no room for them to stay upon reaching their destination in Bethlehem, they stayed in a stable.

It is within that stable that Jesus is said to have been born. At 12 years of age, Jesus journeyed with Mary and Joseph on their yearly trek to Jerusalem for Passover.

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He became lost, but later was found in a temple speaking with Rabbis. Jesus and the rabbis were speaking of the Torah. He had an excellent understanding of the Torah that was far beyond his years. Biblical history of his early adult life is nonexistent. John initially refused, believing that it was not his place, but Jesus was extremely resolute. It is believed that Jesus was baptized because of his commitment to God. Jesus walked on water, performed exorcisms, healed the sick, and resurrected the dead.

Jesus had 12 disciples from varying professions and many followers from different classes. Jesus taught throughout the land. He preached to groups across the countryside.

Comparing Christianity, Judaism, and Islam Essays -- Compare Contrast

His main focal point was to teach the people love for one another and love for God. Jesus taught that his wisdom was from God. He thought of himself as a shepherd who would easily sacrifice himself for his flock. He was considered a threat by many.

How Muslims, Jews and Christians View Creationism

Jesus gave instructions to his disciples in what was to be known as the last supper. Shortly after the last supper, Jesus was brought into custody and brought before Pontius Pilate who sentenced him to death by n. Jesus was crucified, and died on the cross. He rose from the dead. Upon his resurrection, numerous disciples proclaimed to have seen Jesus after he had risen from the dead. Christianity soon increased power throughout the Roman Empire.

The cross developed into the largest symbol of Christianity. Saul was baptizes and renamed himself Paul Fisher, Paul began to preach Christianity throughout the Mediterranean. Paul assisted in the development and spread of Christianity. Christianity was impacted and thrived because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Muhammad was born Mecca in approximately Common Era and is considered the last of the prophets Fisher, Like his uncle he became a shepherd.

Compare and Contrast Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Essay

It was a Christian who concluded that Muhammad was a prophet by markings on his body when he ventured into Syria with his uncle. Muhammad worked for a woman named Khadijah, who at 25 years of age, offered to marry him Fisher, Fisher, Muhammad was uncomfortable and afraid of the experience he had. He was comforted and supported by his wife who continually encourages him. A few years later Muhammad started speaking publically. He accumulated a few followers, but there numbers were minimal.

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Muhammad was stoned and tortured by a group of elite businessmen. Soon after, Bilil, a follower of Muhammad was persecuted. Muhammad and his followers left public sight to go into seclusion for meditation and prayer. In his 50s, Muhammad ascended through the heavens, met with Adam and Jesus, saw both heaven and hell, and received the blessing of the God Fisher, Muhammad departed Mecca and went into seclusion with his friend Abu Bakr. The two lived in a quiet cave. Jesus and Muhammad are similar in that they are both noted for beginning and strengthening their religions.

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  • No two men throughout history have done more to shape the future than Jesus and Muhammad. Many countries and cultures can trace their traditions and laws back to their influence. Both Christianity and Islam teach of one God that is almighty and powerful. Both taught the Old Testament and the beliefs within it.

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    There is an ongoing legacy that each has left behind. There are many prime differences between Jesus and Muhammad. Each of their followers was affected in different ways by them.


    They pray, and attend mass, believe that they can receive the body and blood of Christ through communion, and receive baptisms to cleanse their sins. Followers of Islam pray 5 times daily to God. Unlike Christians, they do not believe that Mohammad was god, nor do they worship him. They believe that Mohammad was sent by God, but is not God.