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What Is the Definition of Atheist, Agnostic, and Other Related Terms?

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The Way of the Agnostic

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How to Witness to an Agnostic

View this week's new titles. But what the agnostic means is that human reason is inadequate to grasp the greatness of the ultimate being. The agnostic holds that there are limits to human reason, and that theology lies outside those limits.

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You cannot in one breath say that Lincoln was an agnostic , and then in the next one say that Lincoln was an honest man. Is there any difference between the knowledge of the Christian and of the Agnostic?

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  6. Studies have found that both atheists and agnostics are surprisingly knowledgable about a variety of religions. The word originates with the Greek atheos , which is built from the …. Nearby words agnoiology , agnolotti , agnomen , agnon , agnosia , agnostic , agnosticism , agnus dei , ago , agog , agogic.

    Huxley in Can be confused agnostic atheist see synonym study at the current entry.

    What Is An Agnostic

    Huxley] is a great and even severe Agnostic,—who goes about exhorting all men to know how little they know. Synonym study Agnostic, atheist, infidel, skeptic refer to persons not inclined toward religious belief or a particular form of religious belief.

    An agnostic is one who believes it impossible to know anything about God or about the creation of the universe and refrains from commitment to any religious doctrine. An atheist is one who denies the existence of a deity or of divine beings. Infidel means an unbeliever, especially a nonbeliever in Islam or Christianity.

    A skeptic doubts and is critical of all accepted doctrines and creeds. Word story The word agnostic was coined by the English biologist T.