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Photo credit: yamuhaton. I ask the writer across from me what he writes. Apparently she represents him. This was Kevin Anderson sitting next to Jennifer Jackson. At my second writing conference, I scheduled an agent appointment. Fortunately, she answered all my questions. My most embarrassing moment was a couple weeks ago at the Empire Book Festival.

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I introduced my self to the editor who had asked for my manuscript. I forgot the title of her blog and the title of my manuscript. Thankfully I remembered my name. You must be logged in to post a comment. That day I was ready to immigrant to United States and I experienced the embarrassing moment at the same time.

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I will relate my story using the literary elements of tone, imagery, and diction for my moment embarrassing life. In one of the cold winter day in china, I felt very super nervous and lucky at…. There have been many good memories along with several unpleasant ones too.

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I feel like embarrassing moments are bound to happen to high school students. Every person has had their fair share of embarrassing moments.

However, I think I might have a moment that tops them all. I honestly wish I could just forget the experience, but I feel like it is engrained into my brain. It will definitely….

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This production perfectly reflects the life of families in the modern age. Every family has embarrassing moments together, they face their ups and their downs, and they sacrifice for the benefit of one another. Whenever a family gets together there tends to be stories retold, and the compilation of the stories and experiences tends to recreate the plot of Parenthood.

Embarrassing moments and family go together hand in hand. Early on in the movie we learn that one…. Well it 's a pick-up truck that someone built a pirate ship, and it looked just like a pirate ship, and the whole staff was in the pirate ship,and there was a brass plaque with my name on it, and it said u. Hale was painted on the back.

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I started to cry and I was…. An Embarrassing Experience in My Childhood What if you have a girlfriend when you are in middle school? What if the fate of your education depends on you? On a school day, you meet your dream girl. What you discover means nothing will even be the same for you again. Most of us, who have survived through the middle school years, have had an embarrassing moment when we wished the earth would open up and swallow us, and I am no exception…. I thought it would be a new experience to have a little mini me going around the house as I was hoping that I was going to have a sister, turns out that not all wishes are granted and instead of being blessed with a little sister, I was blessed with two little devils who have turned out to be the biggest challenge in my life.