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See, while our experts work on your research assignment, you get time to revise for upcoming tests, visit friends or family, set up a presentation, and so forth. Then explain why that differing perspective is incorrect and why your claim is more plausible. You could bring up a study that suggested fluoride produced harmful health effects, then explain how its testing methods were flawed. Summarize your argument in the conclusion. Tell them.

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Tell them what you told them. To make your conclusion more memorable, you could also connect your thesis to a broader topic or theme to make it more relatable to your reader. Ensure your paper is well-organized and includes transitions. After finishing your first draft, give it a read and look for big-picture organizational issues.

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Make sure each sentence and paragraph flow well to the next. You may have to rewrite a paragraph or swap sections around, but taking the time for revisions is important if you want to hand in your best work. That way, you can start editing it with fresh eyes.

Cut out unnecessary words and other fluff.

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Each word in your paper should do a specific job. Try to avoid including extra words just to fill up blank space on a page or sound fancy. Proofread for spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors. As you read, check for flow as well and, if necessary, tweak any spots that sound awkward.

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Ask a friend, relative, or teacher to read your work before you submit it. New readers can help you find any mistakes and unclear spots that you may have overlooked.

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Sample Environmental Research Paper. Sample Research Paper Outline. Does making a research paper require me to invent something new or it is just about gathering information? It can be for the both, whether you invent something new to implement or you gather some sort of data based valuable information and synthesize it.

Yes No. Not Helpful 18 Helpful The introduction should set out what you intend to discuss and prove in the research paper, and outline the approaches per topic or heading section. It is also nice to open the topic and lead into it in an interesting way that helps the reader to want to read on. Not Helpful 24 Helpful To be honest there is no rule book or a set of formulas which will give you the best or better topic. Once you have a number of topics in hand you need to evaluate as to which topic interests you and your audience more.

Not Helpful 13 Helpful See Make a Questionnaire for the method needed. Not Helpful 21 Helpful If you are numbering the pages, then yes, the second and third pages should be numbered. Not Helpful 17 Helpful You can publish a research paper through established journals or you can use open source online publishing sites, such as SSRN or Researchgate. If your research paper is long enough, you could also publish it as a small book or an ebook, and disseminate it via book sales sites and stores.

Not Helpful 20 Helpful Long enough to strongly answer your thesis. If you can cover it in 10 pages wonderful. If you need to utilize 50 pages that is great too. If you are forcing a specific number of pages than your work may come off as too repetitive or poorly written. You don't want to over exhaust the topics or include unless information just to get a page count. Not Helpful 14 Helpful Yes, but it is best to write a research paper without contractions. If you must use them, make sure they are spelled correctly and used in the right places.

I believe that the questionnaires are attached in the appendix section of the paper with the survey forms, raw data, documentations and other tables. Not Helpful 4 Helpful How can I write correct English words for other languages such as Thai? There should be a standardized way of writing Thai words in English. If there is more than one convention, you can choose one and state which one you're going to use in the preface to your paper.

Not Helpful 9 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Researching, outlining, drafting, and revising are all important steps, so do your best to budget your time wisely.

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